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Why Sturm Enterprise

Above all else, I want to earn my customers trust and provide the very best service. I believe in doing the job right at all times and making lasting relationships with my customers. I offer quality products that I believe in and want to ensure my customers are satisfied.   Growing up my father had a concrete company, so at the age of 14 I was learning the trade.  After college I started working insurance restoration,  which opened the next trade skill of roofing.   The combination of the two is definitely not the norm, however it is my background and strengths.  

AS mentioned above, I have a strong background in insurance restoration. We are able to assess damages, communicate with adjusters and consultants on repair plan, provide comparative estimates on these plans and perform the needed trades to get the insured back to their original state.

Consult with owners (commercial and residential) on property condition, life expectancy, repair plan and cost analysis.  

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